“Thank you again for all you do in providing my father a safe and stable living environment. It is literally saving his life. Before he had the medication management he was frequently in the ER, experiencing med withdrawals, unable to manage his meds to the point of it jeopardizing his health in serious ways, and things were falling apart. I am so grateful for the stability you have brought to his health, his life, and our family.”
Jeff H.

“Thank you for all the care and kindness you showed my mom, Ellie, all these years. She enjoyed living here and I always felt she was safe and well looked after. I am grateful for all you did for her. Warmest regards.
Barbara L.

“My family and I would like to thank you for the care and respect you afforded my father, Alfred. For nearly three years, my father had a wonderful quality of life with appropriate supervision and assistance, when needed. The staff was attentive to his needs and ours, especially in the last few months that he was able to manage his independence. We were confident that he was safe, and for that comfort, we will be forever grateful.
Marie C.

“We have been privileged to have your Wellness Nurse, Judy, nurse our mothers – sisters who both celebrated their one-hundredth birthday while in Judy’s care. We watched Judy help our mothers settle into assisted living and smooth the difficult transition from independence. Even more important than meeting our mothers’ physical health needs, was Judy’s care for their mental and emotional health as each struggled at different times with end-of-life issues and challenges. As for us daughters, Judy held our hands and gently guided us as we took that last walk with our dear mothers.
Irene, Lorraine and Claire